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neighbors say the tree is between a home an a city park so it's still unclear who is responsible for the tree. we have crews all over the bay area tonight and let's begin the storm watch coverage with ktvu john sasaki live in sellmo. >> the roads are very wet. and it's across the st. francis drake, that flooded the town several years ago. that's why the people grow concern about the dangers of flooding. >> it's a small town that let's visitors feel like they are away from it all. then something like this could change the mood entirely. rain pounded the town this morning an the series of storms set to drench the north bay. >> i think i'm getting numb. >> less than three quarters of an inch of rain fell here. meteorologist told me, the next couple of rounds through sunday could add another six inches.
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>> that's going to be interesting. i don't know what to do at the moment. maybe tonight, i will put some sandbag up. >> this is the goodwill store called georgy and willow. >> the town has been diligent. and that's the thing, with any kind of warning, any kind of preparation and with the sandbags. >> at the ross fire station, even with a good soaking this weekend, the town should farewell cause the rain won't come all at once. >> there's going to be breaks in between the storms which is really good news. >> coming at 6:00, show you the rain's positive impact on marine county's water supply. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. fire crews were called to the scene after several large trees fell across the road. fire crews in occidental used their chainsaws to clear the
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road. according to one fireman, toppled in wet and windy weather. he also said they were lucky the downed trees didn't pull down any power lines. the weather caused major problems with sfo. they are still trying to catch up tonight. mike meback is at the airport and how sfo had to reconfigure its runways. mike? >> the airport definitely took a hit. right now it's getting a break from the weather. quite a day from the folks upstairs. passengers coming in the afternoon, they are starting to roll in. >> a wild wednesday at san francisco international. hundreds of passengers greeted with at least 90 cancellations and dozens of delays for westbound folks.
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>> 10:15, 9:45. >> out in the tarmac, planes were stacked in a line inching their way toward clearance and once they got up, air traffic control said it was a bumpy flight. >> and has not beep a good ride around romeo 464. >> low clouds and fog, rain. >> gusty winds meant immediate changes out of the airport. >> when it does happen, it requires us to reconfigure the runways we operate from. >> that main runway, were quiet, runway 9 left and right were not. in other words, planes were landing in the east instead of the usual south. >> made the announcement. >> passengers we spoke to down in baggage claims, are glad they made it to the bay area before more weather arrives. >> not a big deal at all. >> also checked in, oakland international as well as mineta
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san jose. and live tonight in sfo, mike meback ktvu news. >> chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the storms. a lot of rain this morning, what's next? >> there's more rain. we have raib coming. -- rain coming. that's the first but we're getting breaks. show you what i mean. this is what went through this morning. it was a little less potent. and we thought we may see an inch and a half of rain. and most places are tenth an inch. and it materialized close to 55 miles an hour. here's what i'm talking about. you see the gap, 5-600 gaps. that's the break we're talking about. things will have a chance to calm down before system number two rolls in here. this system right here, it's a little bit different in that it has moisture. it has a little bit -- it has more moisture. it has stronger dynamics than the last system. it will get here and have a
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huge impact on your friday morning commute. we'll have more on that. the bay area winds, we have gusts up to 42 miles an hour in places like san francisco. we have more gusts in 50. we'll likely see a wind advisory as we head into the overnight hours on thursday. we'll look for a small stream of flood advisories. what am i saying? more rain coming. we're getting a break and that's good. i'll see you back with the latest computer model. obviously a lot of ahead. the storm watch coverage continues at 5:30. the rain caused major construction projects to shut down. why the projects are still on schedule? you could find up to the limit live storm watch updates, by going to our website, look for the links at the top of the home page. harrowing scene as armed robbers took over a jewelry store in los gatos. the owner of the store and live
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in lost -- los gatos with the tape showing how it went down. >> it happened in a busy shopping area. someone may have gotten a look at the thieves before they put their masks on and went inside. surveil lapse cameras captured the crime. two armed masked men targeting the jewelers in los gatos. the owner still shaken asked we not show his face. >> he was waving the gun all over, pointing at us and making us lay down. >> also inside a customer and her newborn baby. you could see the stroller at the bottom of the screen. smashing three cases with a sledgehammer and raiding the safe. taken, all the stores' most valuable jewels. >> they knew exactly what they want. >> police think they may have done it before. in recent months, there were similar cases around the bay area including this one in san pablo.
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the departments are now working together looking for clues. >> the way these things get broken, we have a piece of information. another jurisdiction may have another piece of information. somebody knows something and we put it together. >> in this case, the getaway car, a gray vw jetta was found four blocks away. police hope someone in the area around noon tuesday may have spotted something. >> we know that somebody knows who these people are. >> the whole crime took one minute and 15 seconds, leaving the staff's nerves shattered along with the jewelry cases. they think the -- hope the thieves get caught. >> make no bobs on getting -- bones on getting what they want much i don't think they care what they have to do to get it. >> and anyone with information is asked to call los gatos police. the store is insured. two families barely escape
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injury in gilroy in the city's second gang-related shooting in recent days. the suspect first fired in unoccupied car parked in the streets and took aim at the house. a bullet went through two doors and a closet, almost hitting some children almost asleep in their bed. one woman in the home has a four-month-old baby. >> what if something happened to them, something that like if somebody shot at their brother, their sister, their baby. how would they feel? >> the residents say no one in their home has any gang ties. prosecutors announced three santa clara sheriff's deputies were within the law when they shot an armed fugitive accused of a workplace massacre. investigators say sharif almond shot nine co-workers in october of last year. three of the victims ended up dying. deputies caught up with almond after he shot another two people while trying to get
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away. autopsy showed that almond was hit eight times by the deputies that the fatal shot to his head was actually selfinflicted. six senators from the west coast want the justice department to investigate the role oil refineries play in recent gas price spikes. gas price spikes had a lot of consumers worried. analysts blame it on a variety of problems. the reports shows inconsistencies between the time the refineries were working. they said misleading reports could create a gasoline shortage. lawmakers include senators feinstein and barbara boxer of california. president obama employed a little, in the results of the fiscal cliff. the president surrounded himself with people who he said were middle class americans. if congress does nothing, a series of automatic spending cuts and tax hikes will take in effect in january. the president want to raise
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income taxes on those who make more than $250,000 a year. republicans don't want to do it and reduce spending cuts. president urges americans to use social media, especially twitter. they introduced the hash tag, my 2k, including my $2 k. how much more each middle class family would pay without congressional action. >> my 2k and e-mail, post office, member of the congress, do what it takes to communicate a sense of urgency. >> republicans are embracing the my 2k hash tag. they are using it to make points against the president's plan. the police standoff is enteringit fifth hour after an animal control officer was shot and killed, helping to evict a man from the northern california home this afternoon.
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it's happening in the city, 20 miles south of sacramento. reporter mel linda mesa, where officers still haven't made contact with the suspected gunman, melinda. >> still inside and all the residents along the home, new hope drive has been evacuated because they believe the gunman barricaded himself inside. >> police and swat quickly responded to first street and gal when they were notified an animal control officer was shot. >> i was laying in bed, all of a sudden, sirens, cops everywhere. >> yesterday, sheriff deputy, representative evict add suspect on first street. he said he didn't know what he would do with his dog. the bank represent came back to the house with the animal control officer today. when they went to the door, the man did not open the door but he opened fire. the animal control officer was shot. a bullet grazed the bank rep.
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>> flagged down a volunteer with the police department. police department responded, did a rescue attempt, taking the officer from the yard to a nearby church where the paramedics tended to him. unfortunately, he's deceased as a result of the gunshot wound. >> not too many things like this happen. and the fact it does happen and the fact that they shot an officer is scary. >> now police have not made contact with the suspect. they know that he has one weapon inside the home but police say they he may have other weapons inside as well. in gault, melinda meza ktvu news. three came loose on interstate 80. that's in san leandro south of marina boulevard. and traffic backed up for miles. the two left bound lanes were blocked while crews cleaned up debris and inspectors made sure
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the roadways was safe. the marina overcrossing is also closed. for the first time, you're about to see the other suspect in court in the san jose crime spree murder case. he's just 15-year-old. how his age impacts the case. and more fallout following the revelation that a school in the south bay allowed a sex offender on campus. what the school is doing tonight for parents? oh, you have a keurig vue brewer? oh, it's great! now i can brew my coffee just the way i love it. how do you do that? well, inside the brewer, there's this train that's powerful enough
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to carry more coffee and fresh water to make coffee that's stronger and bigger... and even hotter! actually, i just press this button. brew the coffee you love -- stronger, bigger, or hotter -- with the keurig vue.
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? investigators are calling a fire in an alameda high school suspicious. they found two fires burning inside a classroom. they say stacks of books have been set on fire. fortunately the flames were put out quickly and the damage to the building was minimal. a window in the classroom is open and that may have been how someone got to start the fire. we got the first look at the 15-year-old suspect accused of a deadly crime spree in san jose. robert honda was in court.
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it's striking how young he looks especially how he's accused of doing. >> that's true. in the santa clara courthouse, it's very unusual to have such a high-profile case where you could see the juvenile involved. we're about to get a first look at the teenage wore face charges as an adult. >> looking calm and disinterested at times, adoneis made his first court appearance in san jose. the tall lanky teenager never spoke as he fays numerous charges for murder, and alleged involvement in crime spree, murder and shoot-out with police that took place november 16th. the alleged partner, 26-year- old will banks of san jose was arrested at the time. he has been on the run before being captured and conquered friday night. usually the tv camera wouldn't be allowed to show a minor. district office will try him as an adult. >> charged with a crime that
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faces life in prison or personally uses a firearm during the commission of the offense could be filed as an adult. >> prosecutor say it's a tough choice to try someone so young. acknowledge in this case, it wasn't a difficult decision. >> look at the disparent of the crime as well as the background. i cannot comment specifically on the background. >> another big difference, when the juvenile is tried as an adult, will not face death penalty. he's not sure how the two cases will impact each other, one legal analyst says it will be significant. the big question is the relationship between the two parties. how long they know each other. what influence, if any did the adult have on the 15-year-old. >> they returned to court december 5th to enter please. both are held without bail. what the defense strategy may
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be to take advantage of maldro's age. ktvu channel 2 news. peta police continue to look for a gunman who shot at police. and the bullets struck the patrol car. the officer was not hit. he returned fire an the suspect jumped on his car and sped away. the stolen car was found abandoned blocks away. the gunman was found latino, 5'9", weighing about 160- pounds. new information on the story we first brought you on monday. the wildlife center tells us, they now know the falcon suffered a broken bone. and it had been shot in the shoulder with a pellet gun. the wildlife center is reaching to avian specialist to see if the broken bone could be repaired. if the falcon doesn't regain its flight skills, it may have
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to be euthanized. >> air national guard. two c-130 airplanes and the rescue helicopter headed for baja. and their crew will rescue a philippine sailor from a merchant ship hundreds of miles from mexico. the man suffered a major injury and needs to be transferred. a pair of rescue team, including medics and translator will is try to host the sailor off a ship. >> and can't get the hilo in, will bring the seals in and then board from there and stay with the ship until it makes landfall. the rescue squadron saves four other lives in two similar missions earlier this year. a south bay catholic parish school will host a meeting for concerned parents over a controversy over a parish festival. last month, a convicted child molester was allowed to work at a child's festival.
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a parish priest resigned and san jose's catholic bishop has apologized as a result of the incident much the meeting is set to begin at 6:30 tonight. a priest that once lived at the parish faces more allegations of abuse much unidentified former student is suing the san jose diocese and others over claims that he was abused by flickinger back in the 90s. the lawsuit filed by a former student. the san jose diocese says it hasn't seen the lawsuit. mountain lion was reportedly seen roaming. and the town employee spotted the big cat in diablo national park. we have some major weather in store, series of storms working their way in. what's next? >> the break is next. that's great. we talked about it last week. we've seen systems like this
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before right on top of each other. the whole key the break in between. have the radar going. there's eureka, reno and san jose radar. you see a few light showers. as we go forward, northern california area with the river drainage, we can handle copeious amount of rainfall. we can handle amazing amount of rainfall if we get breaks. here we are in the middle of the break. the break will last us through tomorrow and it starts to erode and get rainy as we head into your thursday night late. the rainfall totals around here. less than we anticipated. if we have gotten three inches in parts of north bay or two inches in parts of san francisco, we want to be more saturated. we're a little bit behind from the rain. the winds are there but not quite as strong. instead of -- it turned out to
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be a 7. it hit in the morning commute. it caused a major mess. here comes the next weather system. you'll look and see, hey, where's the breaks. 29, 30 and first and then again on the second. we have four more days to get through when we have rain and wind in the forecast. we will see big circle in the coast. especially friday and we will see rainfall accumulations. i'm seeing some estimates. you may be hearing this too. some estimates going up 10-20 inches, even more. these are estimates. day at a time. i'll be back at 6:00, i'll be back at 10:00. the model is about 24 hours, doing great. here's the system on track. show you the wind on shore. the storm warning on the coast. the winds are really powerful. winds friday morning. what is that, yellow? 20-30 miles an hour winds. those winds starts to shift on
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shore. the friday morning commute looks really, really messy. when i come back, i will run the computer model. and we'll run it saturday and into sunday. see you back here in a few minutes. >> decision made. 49ers coach names the starting quarterback for the week. the reason why collin capperneck. >> more starbucks coverage. all the impact on the bay area construction projects.
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. news chopper 2 developing in the north bay. live pictures from news chopper 2. you see men's warehouse. that's actually a trader joe's grocery store. that's why crews are on the scene. the store itself was evacuated because of the fire. we understand the flames themselves were on top of the store not inside where the shoppers were. the store has been evacuated. some interesting information. we've learned that it's believed christmas lights on top of the store are believed to have sparked the fire. that happened around 5:00. so just about 20 minutes or so, the shoppers were told to evacuate. we don't know when the store is essentially going to reopen again. it's scheduled to reopen until later tonight. we will stay on top of the developing story. it looks like the fire crews have whatever flames there were
5:27 pm
under control. we'll stay on top and see if there's any major developments coming up. big news involving the san francisco 49ers. he says who will be starting as the niners quarterback against the st. louis rams. >> have the hot hand and we'll go with collin. >> collin is collin capperneck. he's earned his third straight start as quarterback. the decision started the niners. he took over. he said he's looking forward to being the weekend's starter. >> it's a great chance to lead the team and show we're a great team and we can go into the play-offs and win games. >> despite the niners history of great quarterbacks, if he leads the niners to victory. no 49er quarterback since the
5:28 pm
lead, hoose won his first five starts with the team. >> coach harbaugh says it could be a week and week decision. >> news channel 5 will be early on friday due to the pac-10 championship game. we can give you live coverage between stanford and ucla beginning at 4:30. this is crucial because the winner will go to the rose bowl. immediately after the game, stay tune for the point after with the sports director mark ibanez. >> baseball riders, several in the ballot, associated with performance enhancing drugs, including home run champ, barry bonds. also nominated cy young award winner, robert clemons and sammy sosa. the results of the voting will be announce the in january. weather puts a lot of big projects on hold.
5:29 pm
we'll explain why. >> and argument here in just a few hours later, two teenage girls were dead. their bodies riddled with bullets.
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intense weather presence a real danger to those who work an expose outdoor sight. consumer editor tom vacar and tells us if the storms will cause any delays. tom? >> and there was no work here today and many other construction sites but they really plan it that way. >> the usual behind activity,
5:32 pm
the eastern span of the bay bridge is all but shut down today. work in the massive cable system way up high is too dangerous when gail-forced winds, creating an extremely hazardous workplace. >> we brought in all of our crews, who would be out. >> and bay area road building projects took the day off, too. >> cancel most of the work that we're doing because caltrans primary concern is not only the safety of the motoring public but the safety of our contractors, and employees as well. >> so usually bustling oakland concrete factory stood down. the reason the projects stay on schedule, days were set aside in the contracts. >> another critical factor, if you work, has everything to do with what kind of work you're actually doing. >> that's why here in san francisco's downtown trans beat
5:33 pm
terminal project, placing rebar for later use, minor welding and protective tents and covering under work, work areas with heavy planking went on. work in the well protected interiors in the double tunnels went on as usual, external crews did minor work. >> a lot of what we do, weather dependent. when you're dealing with concrete, asphalt, electrical, a whole variety of things. >> '' >> we apologize for the issue with tom's audio. we know that pg&e crews will be hard at work. and today, crews visited the material yard where the company keeps the most needed supplies. 7500 transformers to replace any that will blow out. according to the company
5:34 pm
spokesperson, crews use 30 transformers. it serves customers from santa rosa to east city. and find up to the minute, as well, as weather watches and warnings, by going to our website. when you are there, look for the links at the top of the page. in oakland, police are looking for the person responsible for a double murder in the weekend. a lot of people are asking, what kind of people would do something like this? a heartbroken father was doing the unthinkable, making arrangements to burying his only daughter raquel, just 15- year-old. another victim of oakland's violence. >> tragic. i'm devastated. she was my heart. >> barton says saturday night raquel went to visit a friend much he said he got worried when he didn't hear from her. monday night, his frantic search for her ended at the morg. >> went to show the body, only
5:35 pm
a picture. >> he now knows that someone shot and killed raquel and her best friend, bobby sartan just 16-year-old near brook dale park at 6:00 sunday morning. >> hole right there. >> retired firefighter steve davis, the bullets kept coming. three of them hit his house. >> 36. >> 36 rounds? >> uh-huh. >> six of the bullets hit a car but most of them hit the two girls. neighbors tried to comfort them as they were dying. >> just a few hours earlier an less than a mile away here, bobby sartan had an argument with the mother's boyfriend. he said she couldn't follow the rules, she had to leave. she did and took the childhood friend with her. >> i think justice will be served and i'm not going to rest until it is. >> oakland homicide victims 114 and 115, but to their families, they were raquel and bobby,
5:36 pm
best friends in life and now in death. rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. >> a hayward woman was arrested in a scheme to file false tax returns and claim refunds. lat tasha ringo recruited and created w2 forms claiming fake employment and tax. if convicted, ringo could face a maximum sentence two 10 years in prison and $1,500 fine. san francisco officials asked to be notified a day before the public announcement. the report says the voter approved ban on gay marriage in california is unconstitutional. the ruling will stand if the supreme court will not take the
5:37 pm
case. san francisco officials say they will see a flood of applications. they are urging other states to follow california's lead and to protect young people from the practice of convergency. >> let's get this straight. being gay, lesbian, transgender is not a disease that could be cured, mental health issue that could be treated. sadly not everyone gets this. >> congresswoman sphere introduced the stop harming our kids. it declares efforts by mental health practitioners to change someone's sexual orientation dangerous and harmful. it could bring a lot of new jobs from the bay area. >> steps surgeons could take that seem to cut down on post op infections. >> apologizes for spending too
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much money on conferences and not enough on veterans. you know how much grandma
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you just ate dallas! on-line retailer will open a second massive distribution center in northern california. it will be built just outside the bay area in tracy. a similar center is already in construction in patterson. another one opened last month in san bernardino.
5:41 pm
amazon decided to build the three facilities as part of the deal with governor brown to collect sales tax from california shoppers he. the centers also bring lots of jobs from the hard hit central valley and inland empire. google ceo larry paige is moving next week as they move to wrap up the investigation on google's practices. they are per swaying the ftc it has not broke any antitrust laws. google has been in settlement talks with the ftc now for about a week. surgeons may have new steps to prevent infection. several hospitals, including stanford took part in the project to cut down on infection. doctors, nurses and surgical technicians, took steps to have patients shower with germsidal
5:42 pm
soap before surgery and help change gowns during surgery. it was a flood of baby boys. a busy baby weekend in a hospital near mip unanimous had a manly theme. 19 deliveries and all of them boys. it started last friday and another little boy and another little boy. the streak was broken monday morning with a birth of a little baby girl named laiden. some call them junkits. others say it's wasteful spending. the apology of the u.s. veterans, over taxpayer funded trips to vacation resorts. more wind more wind. and there's more rain in the forecast. we'll let you know when it gets here.
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we have an update on the travel spending by the veterans affairs department. as scott mcfarland reports, the agency apologized. some lawmakers aren't ready to forgive and forget. perhaps the most outrageous expense, using tax money to produce the comedy spoof, employees who attended the shin dig outside disney world. the u.s. department of veterans affairs has been taking heat for months for spending millions on a pair of florida
5:46 pm
conferences, even providing free shuttle service for workers who want to go to disney world. in front of the u.s. house veterans affairs, agency executive said he was sorry. >> those failures were unacceptable. and i apologize to veterans and to the committee. >> documents we obtain show employees accepted pricey gifts, including limo ride and massages. >> veterans comes first. >> and also during the questioning, agency was unable to see how much it was spending. perhaps as much as $85 million a year. when an agency executive, damaging the reputation of da workers, this is the response. >> don't you ever accuse a democrat or a republican on this committee of slapping any of the hard working 300,000 va a employees. rest assured it's the
5:47 pm
leadership that we're concerned with. >> we have a copy of up with of the agendas from one the orlando conferences. time was set aside for a dance party and even a trek to universal studio. scott mcfarland,. >> and we've seep their name -- seen their name for three decades. the high-tech exhict in the vietnam memorial in three minutes. they asked congress to stop upcoming spending cuts in education. the teachers group said to set off the fiscal cliff. the automatic budget cuts set for january 1st will mean fewer teachers and programs like head start. >> salaries has been frozen for over five years. we just can't sacrifice education anymore. >> the national education association says in california,
5:48 pm
the school cuts would affect almost 50,000 special needs students and more than 285,000 students from low-income families. in southern california, the county of san bernardino is thinking of suing the city of san bernardino. facing a 46 million budget shortfall, the city filed for chapter 8 bankruptcy in august. the county says the city owes 1.5 million for dumping trash in the county land phil. yesterday, san bernardino county supervisors voted to seek clarification from the bankruptcy court and file suit if necessary to get their money. another reason to cut back on the sugary sodas. it could increase the man's risk by getting prostate cancer by 40%. swedish scientists tracked more than 8,000 mep. they found the higher risk was for a later stage form of the
5:49 pm
cancer. heavy consumption, rice and pasta to developing a milder form of prostate cancer. >> how would you hike to travel from san francisco to los angeles for just $1. that's the fair offered by mega bus. a private express company is bringing service back to california, in luring attempt to bring passengers. they are offering low booking fares. it also extends to sacramento. how would you like a date with actress betty white. now you can and it's for a good causes. the 90-year-old actress has proved herself to be a good sport. now she's proving herself to be in the auction block. starting on monday, fans could go on ebay and bid for date with betty white. they can bring along three guests for dinner at one of
5:50 pm
betty white's guest. and i looked outside at noon and it cleared out quickly. >> the wind was a little less. that's good much first in a series. timing in this, just 24 hours at a time. we have a good idea it will be wet. the exact timing is tough to do. see the gap? this is the break. this is a great break. it's about 4-500 miles wide. that will give us a chance to dry out. we have a few sprinkles showing up there in half moon bay. things are relatively dry compared to what we experienced. the wind gusts, and the winds will come back up as we go to thursday night late and friday morning. i stop out there thursday and 2:00 p.m. some strong gusts along the coast. thursday evening, the winds pick up even more. strong winds in the forecast. we will see a wind advisory, late thursday night into friday morning. the forecast is for tomorrow's break.
5:51 pm
what you have to do, do gutters and things you have to do to commute tomorrow, won't be anything like today. that's storm number one that level the commute. we have big problems, especially in the bridges with the winds. storm number two, gets in here as we head to thursday night friday. heavy rain in the morning. the friday morning commute will be a mess. saturday will be the break. it could be a break. sets us for sunday morning, heavy rain. here's my worry if saturday is not a break. we'll watch it. like i say, this could change. saturday, it could be not as beefy as the sunday or friday event. that break is very important, as we know. the first systems is in and out. the next system rolls in thursday night, friday. drapes it out over the north bay. here it comes. here we are thursday morning, nothing. here we are, thursday afternoon. it's raining in petaluma and santa rosa. here we are thursday, still
5:52 pm
range. 4-5 hours. santa rosa hillsburg. it starts to drop south around midnight. here it comes. the friday morning commute, wet. a lot like this morning. more wind and more rain. that's 9:00 a.m. and get the back edge clearing. that's how it shakes out. we're looking for temperatures to be in the mid-60s. five-day forecast, let's count on the saturday's break. that's crucial in the entire thing. if we don't get the saturday break, there will be streams over there. >> keep tabs on it. washington, d.c.'s vietnam wall is expanding much how the changes will allow americans to learn more on those who gave their lives fighting in southeast asia. >> the i-pad app ready to download. plus drive time traffic, bay area weather and video of breaking news anytime anywhere. you know how much grandma
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wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here.
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what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. . federal jiewj refused to issue, that would have stopped the ordinances dealing with handgun. national association asked for handgun, use trigger locks with their guns. another bans bullets. city officials called the ruling a victory. the vietnam veterans memorial is expanding to get a
5:56 pm
look behind the people. >> lessons of war that we have learned must never, never be forgotten. >> and with those words, defense secretary leon secretary. panetta joined the groundbreaking ceremony. it will show the faces of those killed in vietnam as well as troops that died in iraq and afghanistan. >> in your mind, you say, what about the hopes and dreams of the person that were never fulfilled. what would that person have been like, had he lived. >> and visitors to the vietnam memorial often leave behind personal notes and mementos. more than 200 are in store and will dp on display. the vietnam veterans memorial, will need to raise $38 million, in december that is scheduled to open in two years.
5:57 pm
flooded streets and gusty winds much the first of a series of storms packed a punch. we're on storm watch as the bay area cleans up while gearing up for a stronger storm. >> and the penalty she must now face. >> plap and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button.
5:58 pm
brew what you love, simply. keurig.
5:59 pm
. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. >> the first in a series of powerful storms strikes the bay area. right now we're getting a break. crews are busy cleaning up flooded streets and downed trees such as this one in the town of occidental. this is just the beginning. chief meteorologist bill martin begins the storm watch coverage. >> the rain is coming and we need the rain. we have a lot of rain in the forecast as we get through the next few days. today's rain moved through, messed up the morning commute. you saw it on mornings, at the richmond bridge, wi

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